In an effort to make the home ready for photographing, we kindly ask the homeowners & agent to go through our checklist before we arrive to ensure the best representation of the property.

- Turn ON all lights and lamps, replace bulbs if necessary
- Turn OFF all ceiling fans to avoid motion blur in photos
- Open blinds/window treatments to allow natural light in and to showcase views
- Mop/Vacuum floors if necessary
- Declutter countertops and tables if necessary
- Turn OFF TVs/Computer screens
- Make all beds
- Place all shoes/jackets in closets
- Put toilet seats down
- Remove excess shampoo bottles from showers and tubs
Please make sure pets are contained

- Remove cars from the driveway and front of home
- Close garage doors
- Remove trash cans
- Clean up landscaping if necessary
- Tidy up visible water hoses
- Remove toys, sports balls, goals, etc
- Turn ON pool fountains/water features

- Turn ON all interior and exterior lights
- All blinds/window treatments must be OPEN
- Turn ON pool lights and water features
- Turn ON firepits (photoshopped fire doesn’t give the same visual effect at night)

Note: All listings are photographed “as is.” Requested item removal in post-production (Photoshop) will be billed accordingly.
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